The Inreased Usage Of Industrial Technology

Harsh Environments

industrial pcThe computer has come to occupy a central position in almost all industries. While office operations run smoothly and well with desktops, the industrial world, while also relying on computers has to make use of industrial computers since the traditional office desktop is not equipped for the industrial environment. When you consider the importance of data safety and integrity as well as the need to prolong the life of your computer hardware, you immediately realize that the desktop simply cannot survive in the industrial wild. Unlike the controlled office environment, the industrial world is wild. Your computer will constantly be exposed to severely fluctuating temperatures and, depending on your work, elements such as rain, dust and computer-breaking vibrations. For some industrial operations therefore, there is no option but to go for an industrial computer.

Features unique to industrial computers

The rugged nature of the industrial world demands rugged computers to match. To handle the excesses of temperature that are inevitable in the industrial work environment, industrial computers are designed to work conveniently in temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit where the office desktop will only handle temperatures up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.When you look at the corrosion and rusting on the machine tools used in humid environments, you realize that ordinary desktops cannot survive in such conditions for long. So too will such a computer fail to survive in a constantly dusty environment. Industrial computers are constructed with exteriors that are water and dust proof. Internally, an industrial computer will also contain cooling fans. Dust is also kept out using specially designed filters.


The special features of the industrial computer make it pricier than its office counterpart but perhaps you can take solace in the fact that unlike the desktop, industrial PCs are highly expandable and upgradable so that you will not need to buy a brand new one very often, making the use of industrial computers a smart investment.